TO DO Festival Features is a shortlist of 10 events, exhibitions, and/or window installations selected by a jury. The criteria for selection is entirely up to each juror, while considering caliber of the work or event program, and appeal to a general public and specialist audience. This year’s jurors include Corrie Jackson (RBC Art), Shaun Moore (MADE Design), and Claire Pijoulat (WantedDesign NYC).


As Canada’s largest cultural celebration of design, TO DO works to bridge the gap between design and community. In order to achieve this, the Festival transforms Toronto into a hub for creativity, showcasing the best of independent design, and providing numerous opportunities for the community to engage with emerging talent from Canada and abroad.


Get Lost’ is an exhibition curated by multidisciplinary design consultancy Biography Design, and features furniture and accessories from Spain represented by boutique agency Founded by Garcia (GRG Inc.) Set against a backdrop of installations that enhance the cultural and manufacturing process of each item, the exhibition environment is ripe for uncovering those unique design stories behind each work.

“The beauty of travelling to design festivals is meeting people and discovering the stories behind products,” says Claire Pijoulat, Co-founder of WantedDesign NYC and Juror for TO DO’s Festival Features. “I’m interested in meeting the folks behind ‘Get Lost’.”
Visit the exhibition to get an in-depth look at the works on view, find out more about ‘Get Lost’ on our Festival Schedule here.