TO DO’s Insider Series takes our readers into the homes, studios, and establishments of Toronto designers. This time, we’re bringing you into the warm, crafted home of designer + woodworker Lubo Brezina, located in Toronto’s trendy Dundas West neighbourhood.

Brezina moved to Canada from Slovakia as a young man to study architecture at the University of Toronto. Since graduating, Brezina has been exploring his passion for design and woodworking, creating amazing one-of-a-kind pieces for clients and festivals like TO DO. Brezina also sits on the Board of Directors of the Dundas West Business Improvement Area.

Brezina describes his design style as “straight-forward aesthetic with detail in joinery.” Keep scrolling to see the full photo gallery + our interview with Brezina.



TO DO: What is your favourite room/area in your home?

Brezina: The dining area, specifically the dining table. Everything happens around the table — meals, work, movies, entertaining.



TO DO: Where does your design inspiration come from?

Brezina: I am inspired by the traditional wood-work of Slovakia and Japan. Marijuana is another source of inspiration…



TO DO: Do you have a favourite piece of design or decor in your space?

Brezina: I made some dining chairs and benches that were inspired by barn structures. These get used and abused by my kids on a daily basis, but having kids jump all over your work is a great way to test for durability and strength!



TO DO: Can you tell us a bit about the history behind your home?

Brezina: My wife and I bought the building in 2004. Ever since, we have been working on making the place our own. We started with a second floor gutting and renovation, and later moved to the ground floor and basement. Our plan for the future is to make a living room addition at the back of the house.



TO DO: What drew you to the Dundas West neighbourhood?

Brezina: Initially we were attracted to the neighbourhood because it seemed quiet, and had a village-like quality. Many families have moved into the area and there are a lot of kids running around, which is a good thing! The BIA has attracted a number of new businesses, so Dundas St. W. is no longer the quiet street that it was when we first moved here — but we’re okay with that!

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