Take a look at some of our past exhibits with our Photo Flashbacks. In this installment check out 2018 Festival window installations: I COULD’VE MADE THAT, Zip Tie Tapestry, Sweet Sin City, and Le Grand Mobile.

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‘I COULD’VE MADE THAT’ has been uttered by us all. This installation presents the two states of that reality, ‘I COULD’VE MADE THAT’ and ‘I MADE THAT’ which in turn distinguishes the audience from the artist. By Siavash Khasha

Zip Tie Tapestry is an exploration of traditional textile techniques using unconventional materials. This tapestry is created using hundreds of colourful zip ties in an organized pattern on a metal wire grid. The techniques used borrow from weaving, embroidery, and carpet construction, and create dimension through colour, depth, and density. By Laura Carwardine

Sweet Sin City is a constructed sugar-scape of towering treats enticing us into a blissful sugar high. Drawing inspiration from beautifully crafted pastries, frosting melanges and cascading candy toppers, our installation seeks to invite the viewer to a city that is at once tantalizing and yet deceptively laden with guilt. By Natasha Popek-Konieczko, Rex Regua, Noush Irani, Bonnie Leung

“Le Grand Mobile” is an artistic exploration of the idea of the “mobile” as not merely a children’s toy but a hanging artwork, which derives its movement from air or touch. “Le Grand Mobile” window installation is inspired by the sculptures of Alexander Calder – the creator of the modern mobile. Miloshka’s intricately made wooden creations, in particular Geometric Mobiles, are suspended from the ceiling and form discrete movable parts. The overall sculpture moves with air and motors creating a non-static presence. By Kira Varvanina