Our first ever TO DO Talks Symposium is fast approaching. We’ll fill a room with designers to discuss how to get people thinking about the world around them, where design fits in and how design makes a difference.

The one-day event will take place on Sat. Jan. 23, 2016 at MaRS Centre, and the day will be broken up into three sessions. The first session will include talks from three influential female designers, and we’d like to formally e-introduce you to these ladies and the subject of their talk:

Eliane Tozman // User Experience and Design at IBM

Eliane Tozman is a Montreal-born, Toronto-based designer, currently working in UX Design (User Experience Design) at IBM, a multinational technology and consulting corporation. Tozman works in software development, where she researches, conceptualizes and designs ways for IBM to make the technology work for the user, so the user doesn’t have to work for the technology.

Tozman’s presentation will focus on “design thinking”, and why it’s so important for creating successful outcomes. She will provide insight and examples of how design thinking empowers multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex problems by considering many options, integrating ideas and opportunities, and testing multiple solutions before going to market.

Terrie Chan // Associate at MaRS Solutions Lab

Terrie Chan is currently the Associate for the MaRS Solutions Lab, Toronto’s problem-solving hub committed to tackling complex social and economic challenges. In her role, Chan comes up with design interventions that encourage creative and collaborative behaviour to effectively cause change. Chan also supports the user-centred research for the Lab’s challenges, including the Future of Food.

At TO DO’s Symposium, Chan will discuss balancing design and systems thinking. Chan explains, “design thinking project cycles generally end after a solution has been created and tested, systems thinking examines that solution’s connectedness and relationship with other interventions to solve the problem at scale.” Chan will draw from two case studies from the MaRS Solutions Lab in her presentation.

Lindy Wilkins // Creative Technologist at Little Dada

Lindy Wilkins is a Toronto-based artist, maker, developer and community facilitator. Wilkins is the Creative Technologist at Little Dada, a group of like-minded designers working for social change. The company aims to interlace the opposites and contradictions that arise in society, and have done work with OCAD, Site 3 and Site Bee.

Wilkin’s presentation will focus on how we can build accessible, inclusive spaces in the tech, design and maker communities. She’ll investigate the methods used to construct community spaces, drawing on influences from queer culture, cyborg theory, and tested practice.

RSVP for TO DO Talks Symposium: Do Good, Do Design, Do Things That Matter now, and check out our blog next week as we introduce more speakers.