Join creative brand creators Biography Design, in conjunction with boutique furniture agency Founded by Garcia, for the October edition of TO DO Designer Drinks taking place on Tuesday, October 2, 2018, from 6 – 9 PM at the Client from Hell Building.

TO DO Designer Drinks is an informal networking event taking place every first Tuesday of the month. Come have a drink and get to know Biography and Founded, along with other members of Toronto’s art and design community.

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Biography Design

Biography is an award winning Graphic Design Consultancy respected for its innovation and expertise in all areas of Visual Communications. A multi-disciplinary design consultancy that has earned a reputation for creating lasting impactful design, and always seeks a conceptual edge when tackling branding projects.

As a strategic design firm, we employ a creative visual language that characterizes and distinguishes. Our vision is for inspired results that make an impact. Our passion is for compelling design. Our strength is an ability to provide unique solutions that extend beyond the predictable. Biography’s principle and core ethos is the art of visual storytelling through branding; seeking a solution that rejects the mundane and embraces the extraordinary.

Instagram: @biographydesign

Founded by Garcia

Founded by Garcia is a boutique agency representing a curated portfolio of design products to architects and interior designers. Having worked in the furniture industry for over 20 years, Nathaniel Garcia has built a strong relationships with the Art and Design community and continues to pursue challenging and rewarding projects.

Instagram: @foundedbygarcia

Image 1-3: Biography Design; Image 4-6: Founded by Garcia.