Winter Stations, the annual international design exhibition returns to The Beach this February. Seven winners from the US, Germany, UK, Netherlands, and Canada will be showcased along Toronto’s snowy waterfront.

For its fourth year, Winter Stations’ central theme is RIOT – Violent disturbance; Uproar; Outburst of uncontrolled feelings.

The exhibition takes place along Kew/Balmy Beaches and runs from February 19th (Family Day) through to April 1st, 2018.

Images: Winter Stations

(Cover Image: Make Some Noise by Alexandra Grieß + Jorel Heid)

Nest by Ryerson University

Obstacle by Kien Pham

PussyHut by Martin Miller + Mo Zheng

Revolution by OCAD University

Rising Up by The University of Guelph, School of Environmental Design and Rural Development

WindStation by Paul van de Berg + Joyce de Grauw