100 Vases
Jan 24
Jan 25 2020
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‘100 Vases’ is inspired by the possibilities presented when objects come together, and the dialogue that happens between them. Spearheaded by ceramicist Michelle Organ, and artist and designer, Dasha Valakhanovitch, the two day event is a showcase of diversity in contemporary clay design.

With one hundred local makers selected to create a vessel for the event, Organ and Valakhanovitch embrace that dialogue with playful, and often unlikely juxtapositions. Organ’s 3000 square foot ceramics studio, The Shop, hosts the exhibition, creating another dialogue between working studio and gallery, as well as process and finished piece. This way, viewers can imagine the journey of each vase.

The duo’s goal is to present viewers with a distilled experience of Toronto’s rich and vibrant ceramics community, while creating an opportunity for small studios and individual designers to come together in one forum.


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