3 Miniature Suites
Jan 22
Feb 07 2021
window installation in-person

‘3 Miniature Suites’ takes a small-scale perspective on three major social issues, many of which take place in the privacy of our homes. As recent statistics and tragic events show, these issues have been on the increase during COVID-19. Often it takes someone from the outside – a relative, family friend or teacher – to report occurrences or troubling signs. Or an entire community to demand changes to policies that are failing those who are most vulnerable.

Miniature Suite 1: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE
A woman is killed by an intimate partner nearly every six days in Canada. For women who face intimate partner violence, the risk has accelerated during the pandemic’s stay-at-home directive and its associated financial and mental stressors.

The following women’s names are embroidered into the textiles.
Sherry Martin – Oshawa, 2009.
Zahra Mohamoud Abdille – Toronto, 2014.
Hanh (Hana) Nguyen – Toronto, 2019.
Lorraine Kerubo Ogoti – Toronto, 2019.
Heeral Patel – Toronto, 2020.

Calls for mental health referrals have been on the rise during COVID-19. Recent events have exposed the tragic outcomes that can occur when law enforcement is called to assist people with mental illness in crisis.

The following people’s painted portraits hang on the wall.
D’Andre Campbell – Brampton, 2020.
Regis Korchinski-Paquet – Toronto, 2020.
Ejaz Choudry – Mississauga, 2020.

Miniature Suite 3: CHILD ABUSE
Family members and caregivers are responsible for almost two-thirds of children homicides in Canada. With pandemic lockdowns and school closures, at-risk kids now have nowhere and no one to turn to.

The following children’s photographs are on the shelf.
Randal Dooley, 7 – Toronto, 1998.
Farah Khan, 5 – Toronto, 1999.
Jeffrey Baldwin, 5 – Toronto, 2002.
Katelynn Sampson, 7 – Toronto, 2008.


Suite City Woman, Roxanne Brathwaite



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