A Crisis in Relevance
Jan 25 2021
event: talk online

Society as we know it is in flux. The uncertainty that surrounds global health, cultural identity, and ideological fluidity has greatly shifted architecture’s preoccupations beyond questions of place and shelter. As designers, educators and leaders in cultural production, we are at a crossroads and it is imperative that we respond holistically and collaboratively.

This approach to design examines fractures, questions and re-directions from contemporary design practices from outside of the realm of pure architectural production and provides space for radical counter-narratives. It is one where the curation of alternative means of production and projections allows for a multi-layered response. It is an approach informed by research, projects, partnerships and pedagogical positioning that create new modes of operation and a new vision for a profession experiencing a metamorphosis.

‘A Crisis in Relevance’ explores a series of responses to the next normal that highlight the convergence of design, social and economic inequity and health and wellness. Together, a panel of experts, will explore how a truly engaged, collaborative and transdisciplinary approach to design inspire reform and transformation.


Moderated by Zahra Ebrahim // Speakers: Andrew King, Senior Partner and Chief Design Officer at Lemay; Marie El Nawar, Architect at Lemay; Cheryl Atkinson, Associate Professor at Ryerson University; Michael Lee Poy, Assistant Professor at OCAD University


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