Abstract Faces
Jan 12
Feb 06 2023
exhibition in-person

Alisa McRonalds’s work has always involved faces. This comes from her love of storytelling, fables and folklore. This exhibition is comprised of several pieces that are woven or needle-punched from reclaimed textiles.

Often looking for faces and stories in everything around her, she explores: Why do humans do that? How abstracted can a face become before it’s unrecognizable? Can it still tell a story?

As a textile artist she uses discarded textiles partly because they come with histories and stories. There are existing tales and artistry in an unwound sweater. Discarded yarns and clothes have registered the wear, the belonging and the history of previous owners and creators.

All of these histories and stories get woven and needle-punched into Alisa’s abstract faces and continue to tell new stories.


Alisa McRonald


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Large scale weaving of Pierrot and is made from t-shirt yarn. It is black, purples, pinks and white.
Pierrot by Alisa McRonald