Alley Row Designs Presents ALIGNMENT
Jan 18
Jan 21 2020

More than just connecting the dots, lines are one of the most basic elements of design. They can be used in pattern, used to highlight and emphasize, and even used to mimic nature. Lines are versatile, descriptive, and showcase beauty.

Alley Row Designs will use its line-based Design-A-Line to showcase this design element in a way that is accessible to all. Join us and other creatives in various design fields as we showcase the limitless possibilities of designs based on lines. Help us judge creative Instagrammers as they produce original creations using Design-A-Line.

Alley Row Designs is a graphic design and interior decorating firm that loves working with wallpaper. It is run by sisters and business partners who love seeing things line up.

Join us for our Opening Party Saturday night from 6-9 pm, or come by on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday to view the exhibit.


Alley Row Designs Presents ALIGNMENT