Jan 19
Jan 26 2024
exhibition in-person

‘AND I KNOW YOU’LL NEVER SEE THIS’ is an inverted progression, mirroring the evolution from “DREAD” to “DREAM.”

For the 2023 DesignTO Festival Olivia Mae Sinclair presented ‘But I Still Hope You See This’, a powerful blend of textile and text conveying the turmoil of unresolved emotions within the confines of relationships and power dynamics.

“In the past year, I have learned how time heals, memories tatter, and mending begins/ends with desire. The dream is to confront “you.” To tell “you” how badly it hurt. To show “you” the strength of my softening and limerence. I have grown and healed, bit by bit.”

In the passage of a year, Sinclair has come to understand how time acts as a healer; memories fray and mend, all underpinned by the compelling force of desire. Her dream is one of confrontation, a yearning to address the figure of “you.” Through her art, she seeks to express the depth of her past wounds and the resilience that now defines her. Her journey has been one of growth and healing, achieved step by painstaking step.

The installation’s primary objective is to strike a harmonious chord with her audience, delving into the depths of past experiences while illuminating the current emotions that guide her aspirations for future exhibitions.


Olivia Mae Sinclair, The Combine


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