Anticlastic: New Jewellery & Hollowware by Linda Brown
Jan 16
Feb 15 2020
exhibition in-person

18Karat Studio + Gallery is proud to present ‘Anticlastic: New Jewellery and Hollowware’ by Linda Brown. Brown is a metalsmith whose work focuses on texture, line and form as it relates to natural flora structures.

In her most recent collection, Brown has developed synclastic and anticlastic metal raising techniques to further elevate her studio practice. Until recently, her anticlastic forming methods have been mainly self-taught, but a trip to Ireland in August 2019 reconnected Brown with her silversmithing teacher Brian Clarke at his Ballinaclash studio, where she studied new styles of metal raising.

Motivated by the opportunity to acquire new skills in a region rich with silversmithing history, she returned to her studio in Thunder Bay keen to incorporate these newly learned forming techniques into her designs. This solo exhibition showcases Brown’s latest handmade jewellery and hollowware, produced in .925 sterling silver, .958 Britannia silver, .999 fine silver, copper and bronze. Using hammer texturing and chasing to produce distinct surfaces in the metal, she combines flowing lines with the hollow form to produce organic wearable and sculptural structures.


Linda Brown



"Milkweed Pod" Shawl Pin - depletion gilded 925 sterling silver
"Milkweed Pod" Pendant - .999 fine silver, 24k yellow gold keum-boo