Art Hotel East
Jan 20
Apr 26 2023
exhibition in-person

The Broadview Hotel, like its sister hotel Gladstone House, is filled with art. Thea Reid’s works on paper are featured in The Civic Restaurant. Reid works in a variety of media including drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Her recent series of cut paper works sit somewhere between these processes — two dimensional yet incorporating light and shadow as integral elements. The monoprints included here use this same cut paper technique to create stencils from which the work is made. These works reference warehouses and structures that once defined the industrial landscape and held the promise of a new age and now stand as monuments to/remnants of a bygone era. Evidence of Toronto’s industrial past is disappearing as buildings are torn down or repurposed, but the city’s east end is still dotted with these types of structures.

Keenan O’Toole’s ceramic forms fill the hotel’s 4th floor display case. O’Toole’s ceramics investigate the risk of workmanship and boundaries of the material. She thinks of her work as an inventory of fragments — of objects, drawings and photographs tested by arranging forms in a sporadic array. She invites the viewer into a space of speculation and material confrontation. The convex and concave surfaces of the objects resemble a 3D puzzle, while the crackled and dripping glazes suggest vessels barely containing their contents. These objects are the desire and design of beauty through distortion.


Thea Reid, Keenan O'Toole (Artists), Lee Petrie (Curator, The Broadview Hotel)


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Black girder structures on a blue to yellow (top to bottom) gradient background.
Thea Reid, Russell Industrial 2
Grey ceramic vessels with dripping white glazes.
Keenan O'Toole, Retraction