Art Hotel West
Jan 20
Apr 26 2023
exhibition in-person

Gladstone House presents four projects for the 2023 DesignTO Festival.

‘In Curious Constructions’ in the Stairway Gallery by Emily Andrews and Arnie Lipsey draw upon vintage imagery to construct curious scenes which are both familiar and disconcerting. Andrews explores notions of time travel and alternate dimensions. Her paintings are influenced by the process of collage and is often inspired by imagery found in advertisements from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Lipsey’s paintings reference archival family photographs as a point of departure for his inquiry into the hidden psychological motivations and patterns that undergird family mythologies.

The Second Floor Gallery features ‘Apparitions on a Film Reel’, drawings by Sidia Atabales-Schnitzler. She explores themes of in-betweenness in belonging.  Recurring motifs of intermingling locks of hair, body parts, domestic interior settings, and patterning are communicated with consistent uncertainty and constant interruption, and continuously shift from figurative to abstacted forms. Most of the work in this exhibition was made during a residency in the Gladstone House Art Studio.

In the Melody Bar, Vanessa’s Spizzirri’s graphic work fills the room’s backlit boxes. The simplicity of natural forms inspired these digitally-created works. The forms suggest both stability and movement. While these seem contradictory, they are actually like the yin and yang, bringing balance.

In the Robinson Room windows, find Cat Choo’s window installation ‘Love Bomb’. See here for ‘Love Bomb’ event listing.


Emily Andrews, Arnie Lipsey, Sidia Atabales-Schnitzler, Vanessa Spizzirri (Artists), and Lee Petrie (Curator, Gladstone House)


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Home interior with staircase and goldfish floating in air.
'Fish Ascending a Staircase' by Emily Andrews
Surreal kitchen scene with 2 seated women and 1 standing woman talking on phone.
'Person to Person' by Arnie Lipsey
Impressionistic detail of a chandelier above blue and yellow pattern.
untitled by Sidia Atabales-Schnitzler
Abstract black and white pattern.
'Natural Form 3' by Vanessa Spizzirri