Art Meets Design Competition
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
exhibition online

‘Art Meets Design’, a unique virtual interior design challenge, is brought to you by artterra and Clavis Studio. This event transcends the typical design competition, fostering a visual conversation about the integral role of art in interior design. It invites designers to create spaces that resonate with Canada’s rich tapestry, emphasizing the fusion of design, artistry, culture, and heart.

The challenge inspires creativity, blending art and design to captivate the senses. It highlights diverse perspectives, with design concepts that showcase varied experiences and narratives, allowing every art piece to tell a story, evoke emotions, and spark dialogues. Participants can expect an artful transformation of spaces, enhanced by a unique, immersive 3D exhibition.

Being part of Canada’s largest design festival, DesignTO, the event showcases artterra’s diverse and vibrant artwork collection, offering contestants an exclusive selection to enhance their designs. Clavis Studio, an all-in-one virtual design platform, facilitates the virtual showcase, providing design tools and resources.

The competition is entirely virtual, emphasizing the use of art to enrich design narratives. Design professionals will choose from various virtual spaces to incorporate art seamlessly, reflecting client needs and space functionality. A curated virtual art gallery will be available for artwork selection.

Judging will be based on creativity, functionality, and the harmony between art and design. The event culminates in a virtual showcase and public exhibition, celebrating the winning designs and artwork.

‘Art Meets Design’ symbolizes the synergy between art and interior design, driven by artterra’s mission to bridge the art-design gap and Clavis Studio’s digital solutions for designers. This event invites you to be part of a journey that redefines art in design, embracing innovation and creativity in a virtual setting. Join us in this transformative event, where every design element contributes to a larger narrative of artistic expression and interior design excellence.



Artterra Arts Inc, Clavis Studio



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Olga Chandel
For projects with auditory components (e.g. talks, film screenings, tours), will there be sign-language interpretation, captioning, and/or live audio description?
Videos will have subtitles.