Assembly Line
Jan 21
Jan 29 2022
window installation in-person

‘Assembly Line’ is a window installation that uses 3D projection mapping to augment the movement of an industrial KUKA robot. Gestures drawn by members of the audience are collected by the robot and transformed in a process of co-creation. These 2D gestures are ‘manufactured’ into 3D forms, only to dissipate shortly thereafter. This digital play speaks to the ephemeral nature of manufacturing: that which is made is inevitably unmade, and so our joint efforts wash away.

Through the workshop windows, audience members will be able to see a large robot performing mechanical repetitive motions- keeping pace with an enchanting and never ending conveyor belt of tasks. Down below, the workshop floor will be a gallery display of works created with the help of the robot in the Design + Technology LAB.

‘Assembly Line’ aims to represent the evolving creative union between ourselves and the machine.

Performance Times: 6pm & 7pm on Jan 21-22 & Jan 26-29


David Robert, Alexander Verni, Luigi Zaccagnini, Alda Escareño, Orit Zewge-Abubaker, Daniella Muraca, Adrian Kenny, Jonathon Anderson, Design + Technology LAB, The Creative School


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Alda Escareno
Is this venue accessible by wheelchair or similar mobility devices? This includes access to washrooms and all aspects of programming/events.
The project is accessible and viewable from outdoors. There are no available bathrooms onsite.
Can people get to the venue using accessible transit?