At what point does irrational thought become rational?
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
exhibition in-person

‘At what point does irrational thought become rational?’ is an attempt to present the process of a reoccurring action in sculptural form. Eric Lachance spent three months collecting as many chairs as possible. “The objective was to find 100 chairs between July 22 and September 27, 2023, but now that I have accomplished that goal, I can’t stop,” Eric admits. Chairs, seemingly simple pieces of furniture, take on a profound significance when viewed through a larger lens. He was hopeful that they would represent much more than just objects.

Eric believes that, “chairs are more than just chairs, they are members of the family, which means they hold emotions, traditions and experiences that reflect each member of a household.”


Eric will speak about this installation as part of the event ‘DesignTO Tours: Space & Sanctuary’ on Sunday, January 28. Click here to learn more and RSVP.


Artist: Eric Lachance; Producer: Mack Goodman; Contractor: Marc Lachance; Contributors: Andi Abordt, Fredeticks Reginald, Philberta Mak, Valerie Lima, Miles Campbell, Alex Francis, Elliot Muscat, Devante Mowatt, Dan Cui, Pablo Cosme, Darin Morrison-Beer, James Gormley, Alyssa Alikpala, Jazmyn Calnek, Jacob Skonieczny, Tylor Jay Santos, Christopher Bull, Robin Guillen, Rusland Ivanytskyy, Sandrine Somé, Kit Weyman, Erika Lindberg, Ryan Cole, Mike Mcphee, Luc Rinaldi, Jeremy Joo, Ariel Cooke
, Charles Michael, Kyle Kaminsky, Drew Boyle, Yana Yatsuk, Michelle Ashworth, Willem Tauveron, Matthew Ferguson, Bri Zitella, Justin Nozuka, Jay, Nikhil Venugopal, Rocky, Jayden Everrett, garçonnnne, Kyle Makischuck, Igor Manuel, Bear Ranasinghe, Kalyn Fantasio, Elyse Rangel, Steph Harris, Bryan espíritu, Martha Allendes, Abdul Kauchali, Angela Fedele, Federick O’neil Wilson


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Chair stack
Chairs in studio
Found chairs
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