BAIDA x Frontier Design – Building Up Black Futures
Jan 26 2023
event: talk in-person

‘BAIDA x Frontier Design – Building Up Black Futures’ is a panel discussion in partnership with the Toronto Society of Architects. Black Architects and Interior Designers Association (BAIDA) is a nonprofit organization made up of students, planners, interior designers, and architects across Canada. BAIDA aims to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in the profession of architecture and interior design. BAIDA has been working with Frontier over the past year, a creative exploration company to reimagine its future. In a panel moderated by Toronto Society of Architects’ Programming Director, Joel Leon, featuring Frontier’s CEO, Laura Sellors, and Founder, Paddy Harrington, and BAIDA Co-Founders Shane Laptiste, Principal of SOCA (Studio of Contemporary Architecture), and Farida Abu-Bakare, Director of Global Practice of WXY Studio, will discuss the past five years of the organization and what the future holds.


Laura Sellors, Paddy Harrington, Shane Lapstiste, Farida Abu-Bakare


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Farida Abu-Bakare