Belonging To Each Other
Jan 15
Feb 13 2021
window installation in-person

This mural by Misbah Ahmed examines duality, shifting cultural landscapes and existence within diaspora. Specifically, observing how womxn of colour exist in liminal space. Forming new identities using fragmented pieces of past and present, belonging becomes an abstract concept practiced through communal bonds rather than physical spaces. The sense of displacement and loss as a direct result of migration, carries lived and generational trauma. We hold space to admire the womxn embracing new landscapes with gifts and curses from past lives; who take on loss and transmutate it into beauty.

Xpace Cultural Centre is a not-for-profit artist-run centre dedicated to providing emerging and student artists, designers, curators and writers with opportunities to showcase their work in a professional setting. Xpace is supported by the OCAD Student Union.


Misbah Ahmed



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