Blueprint for Collaborations – Online Workshop
Jan 24 2022
event: workshop online

This two hour online workshop will help you determine your personal criteria and best practices to create and navigate successful collaborations in your creative practice, business or career. You will design and create your own unique ‘Collaboration Criteria Canvas’, a blueprint to set yourself up for more successful collaborations moving forward.

Through facilitated coaching questions, discussion and exploration of this customizable tool, you will be empowered to:

  • Define the type of projects, creative endeavours or initiatives you want to collaborate on, who you want to collaborate with and why based on your unique ambitions and context;
  • Identify your personal best practices for creating and navigating collaborations;
  • Create your ‘Collaboration Criteria Canvas’ as a blueprint to determine how you want to show up as a collaborator and to be able to evolve your approach moving forward.

Co-hosted with Global Furniture Group who will be providing a virtual tour of their stunning new downtown Toronto showroom and collaboration space – The Blueprint.

About the ‘Collaboration Criteria Canvas’:

Professional coach for artists and creatives Chris Mitchell (BFA, PCC, CPCC) has drawn on thirty five years of experience in creating, negotiating and participating in a wide range of collaborations, working with co-creators and stakeholders to design consumer based home decor products, artistic productions (including exhibitions, public art installations, professional development programs and event based collaborations) to create this tool. The ‘Collaboration Criteria Canvas’ is designed to specifically support awareness and articulation of best practices for creatives engaging in collaborations to realize projects or entrepreneurial initiatives. Through this unique lens the ‘Collaboration Criteria Canvas’ supports a holistic exploration of a wide range of aspects far beyond scope, timelines and deliverables, that are key to designing and realizing successful collaborations!


Chris Mitchell



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Chris Mitchell
Blueprint for Collaborations Workshop Facilitator and Professional Coach for Artists and Creatives Chris Mitchell. Photo Credit: Cylla Von Tiedemann
The Blueprint by Global - A place to put your ideas to work. Photo Credit: Patrick St-Arnaud
The Blueprint by Global - The Work Lab is a vibrant area that can adapt and flex on the fly. Photo Credit: Patrick St-Arnaud.
The Blueprint by Global - The Work Lab collaboration zone serves as a dynamic platform for large groups to gather safely for sharing knowledge and ideas. Photo Credit: Patrick St-Arnaud