But first, the framework
Jan 20
Jan 27 2023
exhibition in-person

‘But first, the framework’ is a public forum for continuing conversations surrounding thesis research completed in December 2022 by Master of Architecture graduates from the University of Toronto. The four projects are allied in their critical interrogation of normative systems in the built environment and structured around the development of subversive methodologies that imagine new modes of interacting with the world as designers. In the spirit of generating dialogue within the school and beyond, WIP Thesis Research from the 2023 gradating class will also be exhibited

Aidan Qualizza attempts to make space queerly, subverting accept definitions of queer space through a series of methodological experiments based on failure.

Ophelia Lau Kin-Tung examines patterns of redevelopment across strip malls that accelerates their perceived obsolescence, proposing alternative adaptation strategies that preclude demolition.

Rashmi Sirkar proposes to activate a circular economy of building materials in Toronto through operationalizing the synergies of policy, market, and community engagement.

Robert Raynor argues for intentional communities as a response to chronic homelessness, critiquing architecture’s role in sheltermaking through the lens of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


Ophelia Lau Kin-Tung, Aidan Quilizza, Robert Raynor, Rashmi Sirkar




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