But I Don’t Want Comfort
Jan 21
Jan 31 2022
exhibition in-person

‘But I Don’t Want Comfort’ is a pan-thematic exploration that responds to a central premise: that living in the world requires constant mediation with the inanimate, and that objects of design stand in each instance as a powerful language through which social reality is affirmed.

From the material language of commercial exchange and the audible experience of human production our approach utilizes presence and intuition in cross-discipline collaboration. The resulting installation of sound, sculpture and design abandons the focus on utility and function and explores the limitless spaces between difference and reference, efficiency and excess, history, and potential futures.

‘But I Don’t Want Comfort’ takes place in the 401 Richmond foyer, is curated by William Huffman and features a synthesis of sculpture and design by Steven K. Tucker and sound by Daria Morgacheva.


Steven K. Tucker, William Huffman, Daria Morgacheva



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Steven Tucker
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