Jan 20
Jan 31 2023
window installation in-person

‘BUT I STILL HOPE YOU SEE THIS’ is a window installation by textile book artist Olivia Mae Sinclair. ‘BUT I STILL HOPE YOU SEE THIS’ is about you. You know exactly who you are. There should be no doubt in your mind that this is for you.

Olivia uses “sloppy craft” as her methodology. Sloppy Craft has become a way for her to express traumatic memory and heal by making. The exhibition features quilted screen-printed linen scraps, sourced primarily from the artist’s studio. The scraps are an archive of images; intimate moments, poetry, and text. All the work is based on the artist’s experience with love, lust, trauma and regret.

Olivia Mae Sinclair hopes that the exhibition captures a universal feeling for many. It is a love letter full of revenge and laced with irony, as it is for everyone and no one at the same time.

Olivia Mae Sinclair is a textile book artist. Her intuitive and trauma-based practice is guided by sloppy craft and imperfection. She is addicted to infatuation and Red Bull. She is a maker of books, love and other grotesque things.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Craft and Design at Sheridan College and recently graduated from OCAD University’s Interdisciplinary Master’s in Art, Media and Design program. Olivia is a current Artist-in-Residence at Harbourfront Centre.

Typically, books made from fabric are intended for children and infants. Olivia Mae Sinclair’s books however are made for lovers, survivors, artists, her, him, them and me.


Olivia Mae Sinclair, Merchant of York


Merchant of York


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Olivia Mae Sinclair