Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
window installation in-person

Frontier’s front window is situated at a crossroads where several Toronto neighborhoods converge. This convergence can be observed in both the built form of the area and the communities that call it home.

Like many in recent months, we at Frontier have been reflecting on our identity and our place in the community. ‘Capsule’, a physical and digital installation, is one manifestation of this thought process that we hope engages the diverse points of view of neighbours and passersby. We hope to uncover meaningful connections by bringing together images, objects, and digital projections that celebrate this place and its people.

The activity at an intersection is evidence that people, places, and identities are always in a state of change. This evolving installation underscores that fact. As you pass you may only catch a glimpse of ‘Capsule’; but, as with the area itself, if you draw closer and spend a little time you’ll uncover rich meanings.

Over the course of the ten Festival days, we invite the public to explore this temporary archive of contemporary and historical ephemera, stories, and visual representations and interpretations of Roncesvalles Village, Little Portugal, and Dufferin Grove and their people.


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Sarah Paul
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