Carriers of the Everyday
Jan 19
Jan 28 2024
window installation in-person

‘Carriers of the Everyday’ by MAIDANKINE is an exploration into the relationship between us and our bags. We all have our own ritual about packing our carriers — what we bring depends on where we are going and for how long. The essentials we carry are pieces of our home which support us throughout our journey, which is often only for part of the day. Holding items of food, beauty, and our work, our bags help us in our urban nomad lives.

This phase of work in MAIDANKINE explores how we can not only carry objects, but use the carrier to stage the environment it is placed in. We often put our bags down throughout the day, identifying a secure spot for us — we’ve decided to settle here for a little while. The carrier and its contents have the ability to transform a space into a different —  often temporary — place for its inhabitants.

The carrier in this installation is used to transport its objects while also acting as the platform and apparatus of display, all becoming one system. The items shown include other small carriers, made mostly of leather, as well as the tools and steps in the crafting process.


MAIDANKINE (Christian Maidankine)


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Fraser Greenberg
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Black leather tote on gray background.
Leatherworking tools displayed in grid on gray background.
Black leather tote on gray background.
Black leather tote in stitching process on gray background.
Black leather tote on gray background.