Case Study 1: On Mass
Jan 10
Jan 31 2020
window installation in-person

This armchair, coffee table, and lamp are the results of a 9-month process. Deep in the woods on a relative’s property, a soaring 130 year-old red oak tree was ready to come down; two years prior, one of its major limbs rotted through and fell, leaving it awkwardly imbalanced and under great stress. After felling, milling, and drying the tree ourselves, these pieces don’t simply make use of its material, but attempt to capture and embody its lost presence.

As simple compositions of solid wood masses, each piece is an expression of strength and stability. Solid rectilinear volumes give way to gentle curves and softened edges, creating deep shadows and comfortable forms. With timeless simplicity, each piece is a humble celebration of material richness and craft, and a study of the coziness of mass.


Odami + One Wood


Armchair detail
Coffee Table
Coffee Table storage compartment detail
Lamp detail