Ceramic Life
Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

Many of us increasingly find ourselves living in small spaces where we seek refuge from the outside world’s frantic and sometimes soulless confusion. And yet, we are most relaxed in our homes, an environment we curate, nurture, and experience in ways very different from the places we visit, travel to, or work. Therefore, it is only natural that the humble potted plant is experiencing a renaissance in popularity by bringing living, tactile experiences into our daily lives at home. Combining this aesthetic with the soothing touch and comfort expressed through handmade ceramics, I have created a celebration of life experienced through a dining room installation where everything is made of clay, and everyday objects are filled with plants, surprising us with delight. Ceramic placemats and dinnerware provide the foundation for a monochromatic display of variously sized cups, bowls, saucers, light pendants and bottles that reimagine the potential of houseplants to fill our lives with playfulness and joy. Simultaneously eccentric and beautifully domestic, this vignette is what I call “Ceramic Life.”


b. side projects, Plant Society



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Laura Warren-Causton