Cli’mate Change
Jan 21
Jan 30 2022
window installation in-person

We are disconnected from the natural world.
We are detached from the reality of climate change.
We objectify it and we are not connected.

Climate change is an idea that is hard to get.
When we hear about it, it sounds foreign, hard to understand.
The relationship between us and the climate is real and connected. It’s not a choice of one or the other, us or them.
We’re in it together. We’re part of it. And it is part of us.

Climate change is us. CLI’MATE CHANGE.

‘Cli’mate Change’ is a personalized, interactive data-driven light display that connects people with climate change. It’s a community issue that impacts us all at every moment in every day. Connective tissue joins people to places and individuals to nature. Reflecting who you are and what’s important in our lives.


Ian Chalmers, Robin Uchida, Justin Hawley, ARCTRN Group


Cli’mate Change
Cli’mate Change


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Ian Chalmers
Cli’mate Change
Cli’mate Change
Cli’mate Change