Coast Marks
Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
exhibition online

Emma Enright is a textile artist and designer from Dundas, Ontario, and received a Bachelor of Design with a major in Textiles from Ontario College of Art and Design University in 2020. Her current series of work investigates the materiality of textiles with a specific emphasis on weaving.

In her project entitled ‘Coast Marks’ she has created a series of woven textile designs that incorporate the use of found yarns, thread, cotton and wool. She has used techniques such as machine stitch, embroidery, and weaving. Her textile weavings evoke and contextualize ideas reminiscent of the natural world and are inspired by forms in nature and places that she has been over the past two years. Her practice is based on investigating the medium of textiles, with a specific emphasis on weaving with both a floor and tapestry loom, as well as using natural dye techniques to create a sense of colour and composition. Embodying traditional weaving techniques, coupled with contemporary practices, she has been exploring handwoven cloth for interior spaces as well as sustainability in the textile industry.

Emma’s work can be viewed online on her Instagram (@emmaenrightart) and website (


Emma Enright


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Emma Enright