Colliding Ideas
Jan 15
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

Victoria Guy, a hot glass sculptor and Hyunjung Lee, modern block printer/textile artist, have come together to create ‘Colliding Ideas’ an exploration of two disciplines of craft to present visual sensations with a focus on texture, transparency, and colour.

In the creative environment of Harbourfront Centre, which fosters a multidisciplinary practice, Victoria and Hyunjung were drawn to each other through similarities in the conceptual and visual characteristics of their work despite the differences in the use of materials and process in their respective craft.

‘Colliding Ideas’ is a visual snapshot of our collaborative process, representative of the moment perspectives shift, and ideas flourish between different creative minds. In this piece we hope to convey the allure of successfulness in collaborative processes. This collaboration was made possible thanks to the genuine curiosity and the desire to understand each other’s practice. Seeing through the lens of someone else’s creative perspective pushed us to think beyond our limits.

By gazing through the glass lens to view the polychromatic prints we invite the audience to participate in this moment by interacting with our installation and experiencing the unique qualities of our respective materials.


Hyunjung Lee, Victoria Guy


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Photo by: Delaney Gillett
Hyunjung's polychromatic process