Connective Tissue
Apr 27
May 08 2022
exhibition in-person

Technology is not the antithesis of nature. Instead, technology has become an extension of our own nature, and therefore requires investigation—not only as an access point for newer means of socialization and organization, but also as a political and emotional force in our daily lives. To assume that technology is separate from us—neutral in its governance over our routines—is to ignore its encoded meanings, its inherent biases, and its visceral impact on how we move through the world.

‘Connective Tissue’ is a group exhibition that investigates technology as a tool of emotionality; a tool imbued with humanness that demonstrates empathy through a process of decoding. As an instrument of social ciphering, technology becomes an apparatus for storytelling saturated with hidden meaning. The work by these six artists and designers traverses the digital and analog, using the personal and specific as a starting point. They explore relationships with various systems, allowing for the discovery of counter narratives, fictions, and alternate histories. Their practices recall, rewrite, and remix intersections with technology in order to demonstrate its influence and reassert our role in its use.

Wed-Sat: 1-5pm
Sun: 1-4pm


Tristan Sauer, Mads Brimble, Shihab Mian, Ofir Rosen, Raavi Dhillon, Madelaine Frank



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