Jan 17
Jan 26 2020
festival featurewindow installation in-person

‘Context’ addresses our stratified urban fabric and highlights a design process influenced by the interconnected social, environmental, and built layers of our cities.

Whether walking on the sidewalk, biking to work, or driving home, how we experience spaces and our perception of a place is influenced by a range of factors, each requiring careful consideration when creating our cities. Designed by DTAH architects, landscape architects, and urban designers, ‘Context’ is comprised of a series of connected materials that narrate these different elements of our built environment, creating a dynamic and engaging facade. Within the window, visitors will discover a display of planting which brings vibrant greenery and nature indoors, contrasting the stark winter state of the ravine surrounding the building. A banner of reflective material weaves through the planting, connecting beyond to the glass window and entrance of the building, and extending outside onto the brick exterior. By creating a linear mirror that navigates between both interior and exterior spaces, the diverse surrounding contexts will be reflected throughout, revealing different perspectives depending on the viewers angle. The final component of the installation is added by the visitors themselves, with their reflection representing the interactive and integral social layer of our cities.