Conversations With Trees
Jan 25
Jan 28 2024
exhibition in-person

From the personal to the political, this exhibition considers our complicated relationship to the land with the hopes that we can collectively shift our thinking, reinserting ourselves into the large web of life.

Through themes of memory, connection/disconnection and healing, participants are asked to consider how we can recalibrate our relationship with ourselves and the non-human world.

Using trees as the central vehicle of exploration, this multi-sensory exhibition combines wood sculpture, objects, visual media and scent to create dialogue, allowing us to reconnect to our humanity and to the land.

A collaboration between visual artist Lori Harrison and sculptor Pooja Pawaskar.

Lori Harrison’s art practice explores the intersection of the natural world and the manufactured world through two lenses: Entropy, the universal principal that all constructed environments inevitably relax into a less-orderly and more organic state, and Disruption, human-driven interventions that impose order and/or scar the landscape. Currently, she is examining the concept of the “landscape painting”. What is a landscape during the Anthropocene? How can landscapes provide instruction, reverence, and hope for us all during this time of massive environmental dislocation?

Based in Canada, Pooja Pawaskar is the Indian-born artist behind Whirl & Whittle. Crafting wooden, stone, and ceramic pieces which celebrate the inherent beauty in each object’s peculiarities, Pooja chooses to embrace blemish in her works and herself in a world that relies heavily on flawlessness and statics. Her work is grounded in the belief that the world around us and the things within it are unique rather than imperfect.


Lori Harrison, Pooja Pawaskar


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