Core Shadows – CANCELLED
Jan 21
Jan 30 2022
window installation in-person

Take a journey into Canada’s geological past without leaving the city! ‘Core Shadows’ illuminates the abstracted beauty that is the Canadian Shield through the use of photo-manipulation, light and shadow.

Seeking to depict the correlation between the land around us and its history, this collection of luminaires brings to light the naturally dynamic forms and altered faces of our surroundings through a contemporary layering of both natural and man made materials, much like the boulders and quartz masses that are sprinkled throughout Ontario and other parts of North America.

In ‘Core Shadows’, the concept of layering mixed materials to create a single form can be applied to the ways in which the Canadian Shield tells endless stories from those impacting Canadian history to those decades-spanning memories shared throughout trips across the country. Here, the work mimics the natural layering of our landscape while attempting to falsify endlessly variable human interactions with it.

‘Core Shadows’ is a lighting installation inspired by Ontario’s natural landscape and the human interaction that has altered it throughout time.


Janet Hinkle



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