Jan 21
Jan 30 2022
window installation in-person

Balance is not a passive resting place — it is characterized by movement, it is a give and take relationship. Through a kinetic study Simone Ferkul and Elizabeth Lenny explore the movement of balance.

This balance is constantly becoming, adjusting and adapting. “Counterpoise” is a result of this ongoing process,  material guidance and the maker’s role in the process.

Both Simone’s and Elizabeth’s work are driven by a process of making, which celebrates materiality. In this piece the two come together, merging and counter positioning their respective ideas surrounding the relationship between material and maker.

Simone Ferkul is a Toronto-based Interior Designer whose practise extends to furniture and custom objects. Driven by a process of making and experimenting, Simone sets out to create products and experiences that celebrate materiality, form, function, and detail with a sensitivity to human interaction and delight. Simone believes design plays an integral role in telling one’s story, which is a core component of her practise, in creating meaningful and memorable engagement for the end user.

Although trained in architecture, Elizabeth Lenny’s personal practice focuses on smaller scale projects which allow for design and fabrication to happen simultaneously. She strongly believes that form is the result of correspondence between the material and maker. With this in mind fabrication becomes an integral part of her design process, rather than a means to an end.


Simone Ferkul, Elizabeth Lenny


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