Democratizing the Creation of Furniture
Jan 20
Jan 27 2023
exhibition in-person

DESIGNwith is a community-based, creative collective. Using a participatory design approach it works toward social innovation and the creation of strategies for the circular economy. DESIGNwith partnered with Cadillac Fairview and OCAD University creating an incubator lab to transform communities by bringing Corporations, Academia, and the Community together through design-led research and prograMming. Located on the second level of CF Toronto Eaton Centre, DESIGNwith’s incubator lab seeks to democratize the creation of objects through knowledge and skill sharing. 

Using the work of Enzo Mari and the Ishinomaki Laboratory as a departure point, DESIGNwith’s furniture collection is designed for easy assembly using readily available materials, tools, and fasteners. This results in a high degree of modularity and disassembly furthering its participation in the circular economy.

DESIGNwith is exhibiting their namesake furniture collection along with newly designed pieces currently in development. The new pieces of furniture will result from a specific design brief given to professionals as well as design students to answer the question: How do we democratize the creation of furniture pieces using accessible materials and methods of fabrication? From the resulting submissions, a juried process will select projects to be part of the exhibition at DESIGNwith.


DESIGN with logo In Partnership with Cadillac Fairview and OCAD University


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Ranee Lee
For projects with printed information, will it be available in large-format and/or Braille?
Large format will be available. 
Is this venue accessible by wheelchair or similar mobility devices? This includes access to washrooms and all aspects of programming/events.
Are designated parking spots for persons with disabilities close to the entrance of the building?
Can people get to the venue using accessible transit?
Design with’s furniture line highlighting their easy to build stool.
Photographed by Katya Koroscil
Design with’s furniture line showcasing details of the bench and stool.
Photographed by Katya Koroscil.