Design for Change
Jan 21
Jan 26 2023
exhibition in-person

‘Design for Change’ is a community design exhibition celebrating the creativity of high school students across the GTA. In the past year, youth participants in the 1UP Design Competition were challenged to redesign the St. James Town Co-op Community Garden to be more accessible and climate-resilient. With the guidance of professionals with backgrounds in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and urban design, 11 student teams competed while honing their design skills. The opening reception will feature the winning team’s presentation of their concept plan.

Additionally, high school students from 1UP School Chapters across the GTA identified their own community challenges and are in the process of designing their solutions with the mentorship of city building professionals. These students will pitch their ideas to a panel of design experts during the opening reception for the chance to gain additional funding.

This exhibition elevates voices not typically heard in the city-building process and puts a spotlight on the ideas that shape these community-driven initiatives.


Urban Minds (Angela Ng, Ryan Lo, Jennifer Khuu, Cynthia Tia, Maryam Sheikh, Matthew Chan, Rian Moreno); 1UP Toronto (Lucy Qi, Daphne Zhu, Emily Xu, Lulu Deluca, Annika Tran, Rida Manjoo, Daniel Sun, Sterling Huang, Imogen Chao, Hayley So, Audy Noor, Ethan Xu, Heather Ajoy, Helen Ye, Khajani Sivapala, Kelly Hong)


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Everlasting Roots Garden Concept Plan
1UP Design Competition - Winner (Heather Ajoy, Helen Ye, Khajani Sivapala, Kelly Hong)