Design Unseen
Jan 18
Feb 15 2019
DesignTO projectexhibition in-person

Through the work of six creatives working in the field of graphic design and communications, ‘Design Unseen’ exposes unseen creative processes, while asserting the value of design, which are often discounted in a culture that gives precedence to the end result.

Design is commonly defined as a methodical approach to the solution of a problem—yet there is no universal system for achieving a design solution. Each person has their own practice, techniques, and tools. Final products often eclipse the research, inspirations, materials, failures, and happy accidents encountered through the creative journey.

Featuring a range of work by Estefani Campana (Lima, Peru), Department of Unusual Certainties (Toronto), Chris Lange (Toronto), Christopher Lee (Buffalo), Gilbert Li (Toronto), and Jay Wilson (Toronto), ‘Design Unseen’ asks whether process is as critical—if not more so—than a design in its final form.

This exhibition is curated by DesignTO in collaboration with Lauren Wickware, and generously supported by George Brown College School of Design.


Estefani Campana, Department of Unusual Certainties, Chris Lange, Christopher Lee, Gilbert Li, Jay Wilson



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