DesignTO Talks: Tiffany Pratt
Jan 21 2019
DesignTO projectevent: talk in-person

Stylist, designer, and HGTV host Tiffany Pratt speaks about her experience making a lasting creative business, personal brand, and media presence. Past projects include interior design for Café CanCan and Piano Piano, a collaboration with CXBO Chocolates, and many more.

Tiffany Pratt’s vibrant and multifaceted design philosophy transforms people, objects and spaces. Her trademark hair, big energy and hands-on approach make her unforgettable. She is always ready to create and invent with a client’s needs top-of-mind. Tiffany started her career in fashion and beauty in NYC but found great love teaching children art. Her passion for transformation is the foundation of her business, making her a go-to designer, stylist and maker. She has a unique gift to see the exquisite in the unexpected which is reflected in her book This Can Be Beautiful, a visual and creative feast for anyone who wants to build a more beautiful life. No matter what she does, Tiffany lives her truth that anything can be magical.

This talk is part of KEDD Night, one of many events happening in the King East Design District on Monday, January 21, 6-9pm.


Tiffany Pratt



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