DesignTO Tours: Deloitte Office
Jan 24 2019
DesignTO projectevent: tour in-person

Explore Deloitte’s reimagined national headquarters where they are redefining how employees and clients work by using design and technology to enhance engagement, productivity, and inclusion.

Located on the corner of Yonge and Adelaide, Deloitte’s Bay Adelaide East office includes 18 different types of workspaces to allow employees to match their work environment to the task-at-hand. The office unites more than 5,000 employees previously housed at seven different locations across the GTA. The building’s six-floor open staircase serves as a visual reminder that the firm encourages social interaction and collaboration, rather than stresses hierarchy and tenure—an unorthodox approach for professional services. Deloitte’s new space also has dedicated areas for client use, and a wellness centre focused on physical and mental wellbeing. The interior design celebrates Canadiana through materials such as natural wood and in the furniture and art selection.

Join the tour and see for yourself how this new office space encourages collaboration, choice, and innovation.


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