DesignTO Tours: Exploring Art at Yonge + St. Clair
Jan 20 2019
DesignTO projectevent: tour in-person

Join DesignTO as we explore three exciting installations in the Yonge + St. Clair neighbourhood. This tour features an intimate talk with installation creators: Stein Wang and Topher Kong of the cheeky design studio Hi Thanks Bye, public installation artists Mitchell Chan and Brad Hindson of Studio F Minus, and Steven Paynter and Gillian Walczaka from the global architecture firm Gensler.


Gensler is the world’s largest architecture and design practice, with offices in 47 locations around the globe. With a focus on bespoke, community-centric design, Gensler’s Toronto office has been lucky enough to work on several projects around the St. Clair intersection, including 2 St. Clair East, the current work at 2 St. Clair West and several public benches and podium installations along the street.

Installation Description

Change demands attention. As Yonge + St. Clair transforms, its metamorphosis has altered the way people use the space. Morpheus is a celebration of the excitement invoked by change, while also encouraging reflection on what has transpired.

Studio F Minus

Studio F Minus creates public conversation through art. The collective was founded 1n 2008, and has since created public artworks and designed installations across North America. The studio’s work has been featured in VICE, Gizmodo, the Globe and Mail, and

Installation Description

SPARKLE SQUISH PLUSH POND is a gigantic, shimmering mass of reversible sequins, or “flippies.” Under theatrical lighting, the sculpture projects good vibes onto the entire space at 95 St. Clair Avenue.

The project is colourful, soft, squishy, and interactive. Viewers are encouraged to touch the artwork.

The tour meets in the lobby of 2 St. Clair Avenue West.


Hi Thanks Bye (Stein Wang, Topher Kong), Studio F Minus (Mitchell Chan, Brad Hindson), Gensler (Steven Paynter, Gillian Walczak)



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