Dinner with the Diaspora
Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
exhibition online

‘Dinner with the Diaspora’ is a dinner party reimagined during times of increasing uncertainty. “Diaspora” has traditionally been used to describe “a mass dispersion of a population from its homeland”. Global lockdowns and state of emergencies have made it impossible for many families to convene over the past year and in essence, has dispersed many families from their “home.” In a time where many of us are striving to stay afloat, how do we come together and provide each other the support we need?

Through the virtual dining room, six BIPOC artists from around the globe have come together to explore what support means when “home” feels out of reach. The individual narratives are communicated through the dining chairs and round table, coming together to create a space unique to the stories shared. Through recorded conversations and a digital viewing space, we invite visitors to explore how the intersectionality of these creative individuals come to co-exist within this communal space.

Join the artists on Thursday, January 28 from 5:30-7:30pm for a creative evening where you’ll hear the artists’ stories live on Zoom through fun drawing exercises curated by Cool Objects.


Ivyy Chen, Nanako Iwata, Brian Leong, Zoe Osborne, Rosa Wan, Boris Yu



Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Work in progress film still of 'Dinner with the Diaspora' virtual installation. Digital work by Zoe Osborne of the Mahogany Culture.
'Drum Chair' designed and reworked by Brian Leong, LA-based multi-dimensional screen-print artist and former musician.
'Mahogany Chair' designed in Barbados by Zoe Osborne, Interior and digital designer. Reworked by Rosa Wan in Toronto.
'Tilted Chair' designed in London by Ivyy Chen, animator. Reworked by Rosa Wan in Toronto.
Hand woven tapestry designed and crafted by Nanako Iwata in Toronto, using raw and hand-dyed upcycled clothing received from friends.
Round table made from wood and grinded oyster shell by by Boris Yu in Toronto.