Distributed Contiguity – POSTPONED
Jan 01
Jan 31 2021
window installation in-person

Due to the current lockdown in Toronto, this project has been postponed indefinitely. Please check back for updates.

As physical and social distancing becomes the ‘new normal’, people are becoming less connected to spaces they previously occupied. Despite on-line media, social structures in society are significantly suffering, with loneliness and depression skyrocketing throughout the world.

This project aims to build connections between the digital and the physical, those far away and those nearby while also developing a framework for ‘digital design builds’ within the architectural context. Using 3D projection mapping and motion tracking, visitors to the building are able to see changes in the projection installation based on their movements. Meanwhile, those viewing the installation from the website will be able to manipulate it from their computer screen. The image projected and displayed via web will include all the inputs, allowing people around the world and physically present to connect one another.


[R]ed[U]x Lab, Tatiana Estrina



Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Tatiana Estrina
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