Dream State
Jan 22
Jan 31 2021
window installation in-person

‘Dream State’ by Alby Kenny investigates joy through the sensation of lucidity. While it’s an experience only some have had, the act of lucid dreaming can be described as a state of consciousness inside a dream. She reflects this through a large-scale representative installation to illustrate and share her memories within the ‘Dream State’.

This work presents the idea of a subconscious reality and aims to evoke the sensation of dreaming while awake. To further explore this ornate experience this artist ideated an immersive dream-like installation that not only challenges the thought of an undisclosed reality but hopes to facilitate a shared state of lucidity with it’s viewers.

The textile work goes back to the structural integrity of a dream and the fragile state of lucidity but as an abstraction this immersive environment encourages others to explore the narrative of the ‘Dream State’ and tap into the transparencies between our unconscious-conscious minds.

‘Dream State’ is one of the many exhibitions and window installations happening at Stackt Market as part of the 2021 DesignTO Festival. Stackt Market is open Tuesday to Sunday from 12-7pm.


Alby Kenny



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Alby Kenny