Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

Duo, duet, duality.

Duo presents a series of functional works that focus on two materials, stone and metal. Stone, the natural is paired with steel, the man made. Seemingly juxtaposed, these materials compliment each other through their material properties. Where stone is weak, metal is strong.

The series of objects present these two materials in similar forms to compare their differences but also similarities. Each piece is made to be arranged and rearranged in different configurations, proposing an ongoing duet between the objects, an ever evolving relationship that can never only be harmonious or dissident, but everything in between.

Elizabeth Lenny’s work combines notions of time, place, and material. Many of her pieces are informed by material memories; of encounters and interaction with the natural world. Using these memories as a starting point, each piece is then derived from correspondence between herself and the material, following its natural curves, grain, and resistance. These material properties speak to the material’s own memory, telling of its story’s formation.

Elizabeth’s process relates to traditional craft techniques, primarily using hand tools to slowly reveal form. The resulting work occupies space between functional object and sculpture, encouraging interaction and promoting continuous change over time.


Elizabeth Lenny


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Elizabeth Lenny
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