Dying.films 2023
Jan 27 2023
event in-person

‘Dying.films’ is an engaging visual experience, displaying the moving works of Canadian filmmakers on the topic of end-of-life. Eight short films tackle difficult and often undiscussed themes, such as the relationships of estranged family members at end of life, what a “good death” is, day-to-day anxiety and the integral grief that we all have. This curation of filmworks provide viewers access to stories we can all relate to, prompting reflection and conversation about familial, cultural, religious and self views surrounding death and grief. By holistically engaging with life, including death, ‘Dying.films’ becomes a catalyst for getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and encourages us to start talking about what truly matters.

‘Dying.films’ is part of the ‘Dying.’ series, which was founded by Maria Cheung, CEO at Taboo Health, participatory designer and researcher, Karen Oikonen, and Dr. Kate Sellen, Director of the Health Design Studio at OCAD U. Over the past three years, the Dying. series has attracted over 5000 attendees, 26 speakers, including 4 opening and keynote speakers in the disciplines of design and healthcare and 29 exhibiting artists and designers.

Viewing the films

RSVP to attend the in-person film screening.

Alternatively, view the films online via Vimeo from January 20-31, 2023.


Artist films include: ‘Rockin’ the Coffin’ by Cailleah Scott-Grimes, ‘Gains + Losses’ by Leslie Snupet, ‘Empty’ by Jackie Traverse, ‘Grow’ and ‘Night’ by Alejandra Macouzet, ‘Echoes’ by Jamiz Asmundson, ‘Heartbeat & White Noise’ by Shannon Donovan, ‘Peripheral Island’ by Roberto Santaguida, ‘Ciel(s)’ by Danielle Sturk // Curators: Maria Cheung, Karen Oikonen, Kate Sellen with support from Tristan Tammaro


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Images from the film: black background with drawing of a coffin and man's face in shadow.
‘Rockin’ the Coffin’ by Cailleah Scott-Grimes
Images from the film: orange and pink background with gains + losses type and illustration of a person
‘Gains + Losses’ by Leslie Snupet
Images from the film: a pouring bottle and illustration of a mother and child
‘Empty’ by Jackie Traverse
Images from the film: illustration of a landscape and 'TELL ME MOON HOW TO DETACH ALL THIS PAIN' in handwriting
‘Grow’ and ‘Night’ by Alejandra Macouzet
Images from the film: dark pink background with ECHOES in blue burning letters and soft image of trees
‘Echoes’ by Jamiz Asmundson
Images from the film: woman with head leaning back to the sky and two woman with clouds in the background
‘Ciel(s)’ by Danielle Sturk