Eating Cherries, Braiding Hair: Ceramic Installation
Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

This vitrine installation explores the idea of ‘alternative selves’ – that is the realities many could have lived if not for the past several years of global uncertainty. Even though the pandemic triggered this theme’s exploration, this series of form-shifting ceramic vessels is a deeper reflection on how identities evolve in the face of life-changing experiences, specifically for women. The ceramic vessels presented loosely resemble women wearing pinafores. Today this silhouette is frequently romanticized through fashion and DIY culture, but traditionally it symbolizes women’s labor. It felt particularly of the current time, when women across North America find themselves juggling professional careers with at-home schooling and caregiving, at the cost of personal goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Using clay traditionally reserved for sculpture making, these ‘lost’ alternatives are memorialized and carefully arranged in groupings similar to paintings of women in waiting, as if they are at last gathering in leisure, whispering secrets and… eating cherries.

Sincere gratitude to folks at The Pottery for the support in bringing some of these vessels to life and to Sovereign State for providing the platform to share this work.



Elena Mahno


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A stool with group of black & white ceramic vessels on it, and at the foot
A small black ceramic vessel in front of a large black ceramic vessel
A group of white, black and red ceramic vessels
Little white ceramic vessel in front a big white and grey stone ceramic vessel