Ensemble – CANCELLED
Jan 26
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Due to the current lockdown in Toronto, this project has been cancelled.

How can interior design reimagine fundamental models for how we live, work and play?

Join Ashley Rumsey and Stanley Sun, principles of Mason Studio as they share their design process for their next interactive installation, Ensemble.  Learn how their approach to interior design addresses the challenges of our times and has the potential to connect with community, create joy and create meaningful experiences.

Mason Studio is an interior design studio using design as a tool to create meaningful experiences. In 2021, they celebrate ten years designing environments around the world. With this design research and talk, they continue to explore how the design of physical space enriches human experience.

Ashley Rumsey

Ashley Rumsey brings the highest level of standards to both the design vision of projects and to the management of the Mason Studio team. An advocate of purposeful design, Ashley has been a key part of the development of Mason Studio’s innovative research-based process. She ensures design decisions are thoughtfully evaluated based on their potential contribution to the end user, design process, and client’s goals. Her collaborative approach ensures a broad-based perspective, leveraging the skills and knowledge of the entire team to fully inform each design project. Ashley has successfully led projects in China, North America and the Middle East. Most recently, she was the lead designer for the award-winning hotel project Kimpton Saint George, Toronto. As a respected leader in the Canadian design community, Ashley has also been featured in international design media and regularly participates in thought leadership at notable conferences and events.

Stanley Sun

Stanley Sun’s design vision is informed by a unique blend of formal studies in human sciences, fine arts and interior design training. Approaching each new design challenge with a combined scientific and humanistic perspective, he first observes how people experience and react to the built environment to then create a rational and intuitive design solution. Of particular interest to Stanley’s practice is the science of light, and the physiological and psychological response people have to lighting. Throughout his career, Stanley has led major interior design projects across Asia, North America and Europe. He recently led the award-winning Jing’An project in Shanghai. As an advocate for Canadian design, Stanley has been published widely and has participated as a keynote speaker at leading design conferences. He has also lectured as a sessional instructor at his alma mater, Ryerson School of Interior Design.


Mason Studio


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