Entanglement – Deep Time, a multi-media performance and journal launch
Jan 18 2020
event: reception in-person

Co-presented with The Power Plant, Arts + Letters Press launches Issue 2 of their International publication art + reading, a journal about reading and making. This edition explores the theme—Deep Time—and emphasizes collaborative strategies of making and story-telling, and the entanglements of art and science specifically. The central interview is with Canadian astronomer, Doug Welch (McMaster University, Canada) and photo-based artist Dianne Bos (Canada and France) who collaborated on a project called “Light Echo.”

Other contributors to this issue include Australian artist Anna Madeleine who incorporates augmented reality in her work; curator Nancy Campbell (Canada) and Cape Dorset Indigenous artist Shuvinai Ashoona; textile and multi-media artist Meghan Price (Canada); artist, map-maker, and geologist Suzanne Nacha (Canada); and Aboriginal artist Judy Watson (Australia); to name a few.

Accompanying the launch of the publication is a multi-media performance by astrophysicist and musician, Matt Russo, jazz musician Andrew Santaguido, both contributors to this edition of art+reading. This musical duo along with singer Thom Gill will take us on a journey through the cosmos, revealing the hidden rhythms and harmonies of planetary orbits. Is outer space really the silent and lifeless place it’s often depicted to be? Perhaps not. “The universe is full of music, we just need to learn how to hear it.”


Andrew Santaguido, Jenn Law, Matt Russo, Penelope Stewart, and Thom Gill



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art + reading Entaglement-Deep Time journal cover
still from Moon Impacts -Multi media performance by Sound Systems, astrophysicist, musician Matt Russo and Andrew Santaguido.